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Free plug-ins of the week

Best free plug-ins this week: SA60 Graphic Analyser, EQ302 Graphic EQ and FDN64Reverb  ·  Source: Red Rock Sound, Gearnews


This week’s collection of the best free plug-ins includes a classic spectrum analyzer and graphic EQ combo from Red Rock Sound. We also welcome developer Uhhyou back with the unique FDN64Reverb plug-in, which is based on a feedback delay network.


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Red Rock Sound SA60 Spectrum Analyser

Free plug-ins Red Rock Sound SA60

Source: Red Rock Sound

If you’ve visited any professional studio in the 80s or 90s, chances are that the Red Rock Sound SA 60 Spectrum Analyser plug-in looks familiar. It’s obviously based on the ubiquitous Klark Teknik DN60 developed in 1980, which remains a studio staple even today. Like the original, it offers a 1/3 octave resolution. You can adjust the reference level, switch between average and peak readings, and choose from three response times. A great way to keep an eye on your frequencies!

The SA60 Spectrum Analyser plug-in is available for Windows and macOS in VST and AUv3 formats. There’s als an AUv3 version for iOS. You can even get it as a Rack Extension for Reason, although that version isn’t free.

Get SA60 Spectrum Analyser here

SA60 Spectrum Analyser in the App Store

Red Rock Sound EQ302 Graphic Equaliser

Free plug-ins Red Rock Sound EQ302

Source: Red Rock Sound

Along with the Spectrum Analyser, Red Rock Sound has released the EQ302 Graphic Equaliser plug-in. It offers 32 bands spaced 1/3 of an octave apart, which correspond to the analyzer. You can switch between ±12 dB and ±6 dB cut and boost ranges. Furthermore, the plug-in offers a switchable low cut filter at 30 Hz to get rid of unwanted low-end rumble. There’s also an overall level knob and an overload LED. Use it for room compensation or any other graphic EQ application.

The EQ302 Graphic Equaliser plug-in is available for macOS and Windows in VST and AUv3 formats.

Get EQ302 Graphic Equaliser here

Uhhyou FDN64Reverb

Free plug-ins Uhhyou FDN64Reverb

Source: Uhhyou

Japanese developer Uuhyou is back with yet another unique plug-in. FDN64Reverb is a reverb based on a feedback delay network (FDN), similar to the excellent Valhalla Supermassive. You can adjust a bunch of delay parameters and apply modulation to the delay time. Moreover, there’s a pair of high and low cut filters, and even a rotation effect for extra movement. Don’t be put off by the technical-looking GUI – Uuhyou’s plug-ins are excellent sound design tools!

FDN64Reverb is currently available for Windows and Linux as a VST3 plug-in.

Get FDN64Reverb here

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Free plug-ins of the week

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