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Behringer MS-101

Behringer MS-101  ·  Source: Behringer


Within a few hours of Roland announcing their new SH-101 Boutique reissue, the SH-01A, a mysterious image of an MS-101 appeared on Behringer’s Facebook page with the caption “What on earth is this?”


It’s probably just for fun but who knows? With Behringer these days anything is possible.


But let’s just examine the image for a moment or two. Firstly it’s not an SH-101 with the name painted over. It does obviously say “MS-101” and the “Roland” logo is missing. The layout is similar but there’s a whole load of knobs and buttons going on beneath the main row of controls that are not present on the Roland original. And then there’s the mod-grip. On the SH-101 it connects with a little cable that plugs into the top left corner of the front panel – that’s not there. And the colour’s wrong. So this can’t be a modded SH-101, it has to be something else.

Checking out the environment around the woman holding the synth it’s hard to date. Possibly the chairs and desk furniture gives off an 90’s vibe. Although the woman is rockin’ the double snow-washed denim top and skirt ensemble which clearly cries out for the 1980’s (although of course, people can wear whatever they want!). So could this be an image dragged up from some distant past of some, let’s say Chinese, knock off?

It’s very annoying. Thank you Behringer for messing with our heads. What do you think? Does anyone know where this comes from?

Original Facebook post here.


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