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Behringer RD-9

Behringer RD-9  ·  Source: Ken Sheldon


A Facebook photo shows the elusive and almost mythical Behringer RD-9 in the hands of a genuine paying customer.


Can it be real?

One lucky drum machine owning Sweetwater customer posted a photo on Facebook saying that he’d been waiting over 2 years to hear those approximations of an old 909 drum machine. Apparently, its arrival came as a complete surprise.

Checking the Sweetwater and Thomann websites, both known to be Behringer super-partners, they still list it as out of stock. We hear that a bunch arrived earlier this week and they’ve been going out to people on the long list of preorders.

Behringer RD-9

Behringer RD-9 in the studio of an actual customer

It was the 9th September (“909 day”) 2018 that Behringer first revealed the RD-9 or RD-909 as it was called then. Since then we’ve had occasional updates and lots of frustrating silence. We were told it was nearly ready in January this year, then it was shipping in May complete with a photo of a palette of boxes, and then the full details, demo video and the price was revealed in June. This is the first thing we’ve heard since and it’s exciting news.


I imagine that if you have an RD-9 on preorder then good times could just be around the corner but there’s no information at the moment on the numbers or availability. If I can find anything more out I will let you know. If you’ve received yours then please let us know in the comments.

Update: Some news agencies have suggested that the RD-9 has been floating around for months but frankly I don’t believe a word of it! And it certainly hasn’t been true for many patient customers.

Update 2: Just so this article isn’t a complete waste of time here’s some factual information. Thomann says that they sold through 100 in June and have more due in February. You’re welcome.

Here’s a quick blast:


Behringer RD-9
Behringer RD-9
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Behringer RD-9

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9 responses to “Behringer RD-9 spotted in the wild”

    Tom says:

    You may have forgotten that the first batch of RD-9 shipped months ago. There are also enough videos from non-media on the net. So it’s the second batch

    Nathan Stealey says:

    Yeah this is a tad incorrect, I order mine from Anderson’s within the first few mins of it being able to order in June, a few weeks later I saw Gear4Music had them available with delivery for next day so bought that and cancelled the one at Anderson’s. So I’ve had mine since 4th July.

    iixorb says:

    I was apparently “one of the first 6 people” who ordered from Anderton’s, only to have had the date pushed back and back (not Anderton’s fault)

    Bizarrely though, 14 people have already left feedback for the RD9 on their website, so somehow I was missed off the first batch which they received in Sept.

    Anyway, email updates and their own website confirm they’re apparently going to be in stock from Monday 13th Dec.
    We will see !

    JR says:

    I can confirm that Sweetwater is fulfilling RD-9 preorders. Mine shipped Monday and arrived on Wednesday. I was told by my rep a few months ago that they expected a large shippment of Behringer products in November. I guess that shipped arrive a month late.

    Patience says:

    I ordered my RD-9, went through primary school, high school, an apprenticeship, had a sex change and became non-binary, did 10 years in the Royal Marines, sold fruit and veg in a market for 7 years, developed Alzheimers, then died. It arrived last Tuesday. I wasn’t happy with the snare so I sent it back and got a refund…… 😁

    Reyescult says:

    I some how got mine from Sweetwater yesterday! I only (pre)ordered it on Wednesday with an expected wait until February. I can’t believe I actually have one on my desk!

    richard warriner says:

    Still sound awesome though doesnt it???

    Halo jones says:

    Mine arrived yesterday.
    Ordered in October.
    Very happy chappy indeed.

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