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Behringer RD-9

Behringer RD-9  ·  Source: Behringer


Behringer says they are trying to fix the RD-8 MIDI sync which impacts the RD-9 firmware and so once one is ready the other will ship because “we simply don’t compromise on quality”.


Longing for that RD-9?

909 day came and went without any news on the long-overdue Behringer RD-9 drum machine. However, Behringer has just released a little bit of information on Facebook about what’s going on. They say that they are aware of MIDI sync problems with their 808 clone, the RD-8, and are working on a fix. As the RD-9 shares much of its firmware with the RD-8 they don’t want to release it until the RD-8 firmware has been sorted out. To do this means a complete re-write although it also gives them the opportunity to add some more super-cool features like being able to integrate it with the SynthTool for easier configuration and updates.

How long it will take is anyone’s guess but Behringer says “We apologize to keep you waiting but we simply don’t compromise on quality.” It’s a shame they didn’t have the same attitude with the RD-8 which still has issues a year after release.

Information is always helpful and this is undoubtedly good news even if it doesn’t really tell us anything. Hang in there RD-9 fans.

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2 responses to “Behringer gives us an update on the RD-9 drum machine”

  1. L says:

    That thing looks just delicious

  2. Wes says:

    Can’t wait for the 9 to be released. I’ve been loving the 8, midi sync problems or not, just a fabulous drum machine. Behringer is the best!

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