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Behringer Modular

Behringer Modular  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer has posted a couple of images on Facebook of what appears to be a naked modular synth module. It’s currently in development and features a lot of hand-soldered joints but it does give an indication of where they are going with it.

Could it be Moog?

It’s probably, as most people have pointed out in the comments, an oscillator. The VCO it resembles the most in terms of layout and arrangement of components is, rather unexpectedly, the Moog 921B. Unexpected because this is a 5U Moog Modular module and not the Eurorack version of the Roland System-100m modules that were talked about before. Although the Behringer has an additional 4 patch sockets and so I could be completely wrong. It’s also unlikely that Behringer would go for the 5U format simply because Eurorack is a much bigger market.

Looking at the PCB and in particular those jack sockets they look like 3.5mm minijacks rather than the 1/4″ jacks you get in 5U. On the back are three trim screws that are common for tuning and calibrating oscillators and the Eurorack ribbon power connector are a bit of a giveaway. There are also the letters “POE21” printed under the word Behringer which could reference the 921B oscillator.

Behringer Modular

Behringer Modular and Moog 921B

Now I’ve put them side by side there are similarities but much of it is shared by loads of other VCOs. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Anyway, whatever it is it’s good to see that Behringer is still moving down the road towards releasing modules for modular synthesis. The price points they’ve been talking about could really bring Eurorack within reach of a much wider community.

More information

  • Behringer’s Facebook post.


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I think Uli does the 5U Format formating new, and shrink it down to Eurorack Format. No problem for him, we are used to have snallest operating surfaces with small components. And SMD technology is not new anymore. Uli Robinhood of the Musicans!


I hope first he brings out a power supply and a case for Eurorack. This is a big problem for all, entering the Modular World requires an Eurorack care just like an accescard to enter this exclusive technology.