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Behringer Moog 921 tease

Behringer Moog 921 tease  ·  Source: Behringer

Another day another tease video from Behringer. This time we go into a spin above a knob that seems to match up to the Moog 921 voltage controlled oscillator.

Moog 921 clone?

What we can see in this video is the words “Frequency” above the “Rectangular Width” below which is what you’ll find on the large format Moog 921 VCO. Also there’s a hint of “+-6”, “Oct”, “Range” and “Audio” which also appear alongside the knob on the Moog and tell us that it’s not the smaller 921A version.

We’ve already seen some Moog modular clones in the video about their Eurorack case and so this module comes as no surprise.

Behringer Moog 921 tease

Behringer Moog 921 tease

Looking forward to the big reveal.

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HI, I Hope it has ” perfect pitch” to be controlled just as a synth (for those who want that)…


I hate Behringer’s ass ugly plastic jacks with a passion. It ruins their already passable ripoff designs.