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Behringer 923 Filters

Behringer 923 Filters  ·  Source: Behringer

In the video for their new Eurorack Go modular case Behringer also gave a glimpse of some very interesting, unannounced Eurorack modules.

Moog Style Eurorack Modules

Now this is very interesting. We know that they were working on some modules but they are hinted that they were going to be based on the Roland System 100. In fact details of these proposed modules have been on for some time. However, the ones in this video are more intriguing. They appear to be mini Moog Modular modules. One of my criticisms of the proposed System 100 modules is that they weren’t very pleasing to the eye, whereas these look fabulous.

The ones that we’ve seen include the 923 Filters based on….. obviously the Moog 923 Filters, with a separate highpass and lowpass filter plus pink and white noise. (Image above)

There’s a 911 Envelope Generator in the case and a CP3A-M combined Multiple and Mixer module.

Behringer 911 Envelope Generator and Mixer

Behringer 911 Envelope Generator and Mixer

We also see a 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter laying on the desk.

Behringer 904A VCLPF

Behringer 904A VCLPF

That’s all we’ve got for now. No information on pricing or availability. I imagine this is all going to arrive at their anti-NAMM show party in the New Year. But these modules do look rather good.

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