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Befaco CV Thing and Percall

Befaco CV Thing and Percall  ·  Source: Befaco


Befaco has announced a mini version of their VCMC CV-to-MIDI Controller called the CV Thing and their previously announced Percall 4-VCA percussion module is now ready.


CV Thing

It’s the exact same concept as the VCMC in that you pump in CV and control MIDI gear or your DAW and software instruments but in a much smaller package. They’ve dropped the faders and buttons and just give you 8 CV inputs, a big white knob and that rather nice little screen. The MIDI connections are taken care of by a TRS socket and USB for direct connection to a computer.

So essentially you’ve lost the manual controls over MIDI gear that the faders and buttons provided and are just going straight with triggers, notes or modulation. And I think that’s probably what most people would use the VCMC for anyway.

Befaco CV Thing

Befaco CV Thing · Source: Befaco

Each of the 8 CV inputs can be mapped to any MIDI message or controller number, note or event. You can send clock, program changes, note on/off and everything you’d expect in MIDI. It’s a pretty great way of connecting your modular to your external instruments or software while keeping the control in the Eurorack rather than ceding control to the DAW. And if you prefer things the other way around then Befaco also makes a MIDI Thing MIDI-to-CV interface.

The CV Thing is available assembled for €240 and as a kit for €150.



This should be available in May in assembled and kit form and is designed to run the percussion side of your Eurorack. It features 4 VCAs, volume control and decay to turn sounds into percussive sounds. Feed it some triggers and set the Decay on the fader or via CV control. The trigger opens the VCA and the shaped percussive sound comes out the bottom with the level controlled by the volume knob. The envelope also has its own output that you can apply back to the pitch of the oscillator to get that fat kick drum sound. There’s also a Choke button to interact VCA 1 with VCA 2 and VCA 3 with VCA 4 for some open/closed hi-hat type action.

Befaco Percall

Befaco Percall · Source: Befaco

The Percall is available assembled for €230 and as a kit for €140.

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Befaco CV Thing and Percall

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