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Befaco VCMC and CV Thing update

Befaco VCMC and CV Thing update  ·  Source: Befaco

The 1.2 firmware for the VCMC and CV Thing lets you convert multiple V/Oct notes into MIDI notes within a single gate and has a very cool Web Editor for easier configuration.


VCMC and CV Thing

MIDI-to-CV is very common where you control your modular from your computer or MIDI controller. But until Befaco released the VCMC (Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller) going in the other direction to control software from your modular was quite rare. The VCMC and the more compact CV Thing gives you the ability to route notes and modulation directly from your modular and into your MIDI gear. So you can control software and hardware synths, mix audio or control a MIDI light show all from your Eurorack. It’s pretty awesome!

However, that lovely little screen can be a challenge to navigate and so Befaco has taken steps to make it simpler by pulling all the parameters out to a new web-based editor. You now have easy control over everything. You can set all the functions of each gate and fader, the CC numbers, channels, note numbers and MIDI ranges that they operate in. They’ve also added labelling so you can mark up all the functions and they get shown properly on the display. The Editor makes it easy to save, recall and share setups and configurations. So you could load up different configurations in the middle of a performance.

Befaco VCMC Web Editor

Befaco VCMC Web Editor

Poly Mode

In Poly Mode the module uses a single gate to control the note on/off over all 8 inputs. So you can run 8 notes from your modular and they will be directed to play a single polyphonic MIDI synthesizer controlled by that single gate. You can use it to play chords, pads, flowing, overlapping notes or combine sequencers into complex movements of sound and possibility. This could be a really interesting development in moving from an often exclusively monophonic modular environment into more polyphonic sounds. It’s particularly useful on the CV Thing where the input count is limited to 8 in total so you could be using 7 for notes and 1 for the gate. This is something I’m going to have to play with!

1.2 Firmware

The update for the VCMC and CV Thing is available on the website.


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