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Audiobus 3

Audiobus 3  ·  Source: Audiobus

Audiobus have announced that the new version 3 is ready for release but they are delaying until Korg Gadget has passed App Review. Korg announced in February that the release of the new Mac and iOS version of Gadget was being delayed until the end of March. Audiobus say they were always going to launch together and has taken the extra time to “improve the quality of the user experience”.

Audiobus 3

So what can Audiobus users expect from the new version? Well, they have a totally new way of setting up MIDI connections. All compatible instruments will appear as MIDI destinations. There are a number of new MIDI controller apps launching at the same time along with a new category of MIDI filters from Johannes Dorr, the creator of midiFlow. This will enable a fair bit of interesting MIDI manipulation and management.

Next we have support for Audio Unit Extensions. This presumably means you can run AU plug-ins directly in Audiobus, rather than just in compatible recording software. There’s new input mixer for adjusting levels of all sound generators. Audiobus 3 supports split and slide views so you can adjust the volume without having to switch apps.

Compatible apps will now launch into the background while being available to the new MIDI system.

My experience with Audiobus on my clapped out iPad is one of clunkiness and rude noises. It does exactly what it says it will but the experience is so dependent on the smooth loading of other apps and the power of your iPad. Version 3 looks like it’s tackled that by providing a smoother loading experience. The MIDI system looks excellent. The loading of plug-ins without having to load an entire recording suite could be really very good indeed. You can then save the whole lot as an Audiobus preset ready for when you next need. Combine with the new cheaper but more powerful iPad and we might just have a workable music workstation on our hands.

Audiobus 3 should become available before the end of the month. More information on the Audiobus website.

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