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Rhythmbud for iOS

Rhythmbud for iOS  ·  Source: Cem Olcay

RhythmBud is a new iOS app that lets you create rhythms in a variety of ways, and apply them to MIDI notes. It works with other apps and external gear, supports inter-app audio and Audiobus and syncs via Ableton Link. Seems like this nifty little app has got its groove going on.


RhythmBud is part of a whole series of “bud apps” for iOS by developer Cem Olcay, including KeyBud, FretBut, ChordBud, ScaleBud, and others. The idea behind RhythmBud is simple. It’s a MIDI effect that takes incoming MIDI notes (from another app or an external MIDI input), applies a rhythm to them, and outputs them to another app or an external device.

The rhythm can be created in a variety of ways. You can input note values on the screen or record a pattern by tapping the tool bar. There are arp and strum modes, which let you create arpeggios and guitar-like strumming effects. You can also adjust the velocity and transpose notes. All in all, RhythmBud looks like a simple, yet very effective tool for getting creative with MIDI grooves.

The app also has a snapshot feature, which could be very useful in performances. Rhythms can be stored as snapshots and recalled instantly. The developer says that switching between snapshots is “insanely fast” and can be done while the app is running. You can even control it via MIDI. This means that RhythmBud could be a nifty way to spice up your next iPad live performance.

The fact that RhythmBud syncs via Ableton Link is another big plus, as is IAA and Audiobus support. It runs stand-alone or as an AUv3 plug-in inside any compatible host app.

Price and compatibility

RhythmBud is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iOS 11 or later. The app is available from the App store for USD 4.99.

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