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ADVERTISEMENT produce 5U “Moog Unit” modules for the Moog modular format. Their latest creation is the Q170 MIDI Gates module. It’s a neat way of bringing gate signals into you modular via MIDI messages.


Q170 MIDI Gates

It consists of three MIDI ports, on In, one Out, one Thru, and 8 programmable gate outputs on 1/4″ jacks. At a basic level you can program each gate output to respond to a particular MIDI note on a keyboard. Hold the program button on the gate of your choice and press the key on the connected MIDI keyboard. Now everything you press that key the gate is activated. You could use this to step a sequencer, or open a filter, trigger an envelope or whatever else you can think of. And you have 8 of these. Check out the video below for a detailed look at the features.

The MIDI Thru allows you to daisy chain to another module, so you can continue to play an oscillator via a MIDI-to-CV module while triggering those gates. The MIDI Out contains a version of the MIDI In but with the programmed notes filtered out. This allows you to set aside certain notes on a keyboard for controlling things via an independent gate signal. Q170 MIDI Gates Q170 MIDI Gates

It doesn’t have to be MIDI notes. It can be any MIDI message or CC control and MIDI channel numbers are recognised. Notes sent once operate as note on/off, but notes sent twice toggle it on or off. There’s also a special mode to let the gates respond to sync, start, stop, continue and clock with selectable clock divisions.


Looks like a very creative and performance friendly module that neatly radiates out programmable functions throughout your modular. Q170 MIDI Gates costs $170 and is available now.

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