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Audified VocalMint Compressor

Audified VocalMint Compressor  ·  Source: Audified


Audified has expanded its series of one-knob processors with the new VocalMint Compressor. Despite having only one control, the plug-in shapes the signal using three separate stages of dynamic processing.


Audified VocalMint Compressor

When the creative juices are flowing, the last thing you want to deal with is overly complicated plug-ins. With its VocalMint line, Audified offers a series of one-knob vocal processors designed to help you make quick adjustments without a steep learning curve. After the VocalMint Saturator, the new VocalMint Compressor is the second plug-in of the series.

On the surface, the plug-in looks like there’s not much to it. One big knob lets you dial in the desired amount of compression – it really couldn’t be any simpler than that. But Audified says that VocalMint Compressor is much deeper than it looks. According to the developer, the plug-in uses a combination of three different compression stages, each fine-tuned to deal with various aspects of the human voice.

The processing chain begins with the “Smash compressor”. After that, the signal passes through a model of an analog valve compressor, before reaching a multi-band compressor that delivers the finishing touches.


Audified says that the second and third stages also deliver a bit of EQ shaping, fine-tuned to make a vocal track sound more open. The developer claims that the effect is so subtle that it won’t interfere with any other EQ adjustments you may be making.

Audified VocalMint Compressor

The menu offers some additional settings

Open up the menu, and you’ll discover that VocalMint Compressor does in fact offer a couple of other settings. By adjusting the dBU/dBFS calibration, you can select the amplitude at which the compression becomes more pronounced. While not the same as a threshold control, it seems like it has a similar effect. There’s also a zoom control for adjusting the size of the GUI.

Of course, one-knob plug-ins like VocalMint Compressor aren’t designed to be precision tools for the fine art of sound shaping. But in a creative moment, they can be a great way to make quick adjustments without disturbing the magic.

Price and compatibility

VocalMint Compressor is now available from the developer’s site for USD 79. You can download a free demo version to try it out.

The plug-in runs on Windows 7 or higher (32/64 bit) and macOS 10.9-10.15 (64 bit) in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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  • The menu offers a couple of additional settings: Audified
Audified VocalMint Compressor

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