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Arturia V Collection 5

Arturia V Collection 5  ·  Source:

In a stunning update from Arturia you can now use presets from the previous version in the new V Collection. When Arturia V Collection version 5 was released last month (read all about it here) the redesign of the architecture meant that presets from previous versions were not compatible. Arturia have stepped up to the flood of complaining V Collection users and come up with a solution.

They are calling the new tool the “Preset Converter” and it will convert all version 4 presets into version 5 compatible ones.

Arturia V Collection Preset Converter

Arturia V Collection Preset Converter

Simply download it, run it and all your creativity is reborn into the new version. If you have presets from versions before version 4 then you are still shit out of luck.

Download the Preset Converter from here.

There have been some other updates to the V Collection so make sure you run the Arturia Software Center in order to receive the latest version. Would it kill them to include an “Update all” button?

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