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Now that the AES67 standard for Audio-over-IP networks has been out for a while, manufacturers have had time to start developing new products. AoIP is the way of the future and it’s here now, but we need more options as consumers. Welcome, then, to this Audio-over-IP-enabled 4-channel pre-amp by Cymatic Audio called uNode M42.

As we all know, having the mic pre-amp as close to the source as possible achieves a better quality signal and networked audio enables helps to achieve exactly that. This also works for outputs, placing your DA converter wherever you need an audio feed. Cymatic Audio have announced their latest offering, which is to be available this summer, and provides 4 mic/line inputs, 2 line outs and MIDI I/O in one small unit.

Products like this enable system designers and end users to build a system in a flexible, modular fashion. This should in turn keep costs down as it provides only the number of channels you really need. The only draw-backs with AoIP until now were the range of different protocols and knowing which manufacture was going to buy into which platform. AES67 has arrived and provides an answer to this, allowing integration and transmission of audio over existing LANs alongside other IP services. (I recommend some bed time reading around this very important and interesting subject.)

The big one here though is price. We need more units like this, especially cheaper ones – there are some fantastic units already out but many are very pricy. Judging by Cymatic’s current product range, they should be just the people to provide a good solution at the right price. I just hope, however, that the quality is still professional; we’ll have to wait and see. Until then we need to get used to its shrill orange colour!

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