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If you’re looking for a great value set of powered PA speakers, then the new Alto Professional TS4 series could be for you! Combining Bluetooth connectivity and app control, this new series promises a lot of bang for your buck!


Alto Professional TS4

Alto has always been one of those brands you’d look to when value is a high priority. In recent years though, we’ve seen some clever solutions from them such as the Bluetooth Total 2. Now Alto is throwing a bunch of clever solutions into their latest powered speaker range, the Alto TS4.

Available in a range of sizes and power outputs, the new TS4 range offers premium-level connectivity at a very affordable price. Look around the back of any model in the TS4 range, and you’ll find an integrated 3-channel mixer. Two XLR jack combo inputs give you connectivity for microphones, instruments or line-level signals.

Bluetooth and App Connectivity

I was surprised to learn that the TS4 range offers some very welcome Bluetooth and app-enabled features; the kind of features you don’t usually see on speakers at this price point. Pair your Bluetooth device using the controls on the back of the speaker and you’re good to go.

I particularly like the ability to connect a pair of TS4 speakers, in stereo, wirelessly, using the True Wireless Stereo function. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where it’s difficult (or impossible) to run an XLR cable to a speaker!


The Alto app (available for Android and iOS) gives you remote access to speaker settings. Built-in DSP (which is also accessible via the Alto app) offers a range of preset “Speaker Use” modes; you can of course, also adjust EQ manually to suit.

Trapezoidal cabinet shape allows the TS series to serve double duty as stage wedges. · Source: Alto

Sized to suit

All models in the TS4 lineup use efficient Class D power amplifiers and the same connectivity throughout the range. Your choice then is down to power output and speaker size:

  • TS408 – 8″ woofer 2000 Watts  (€379.99)
  • TS410 – 10″ woofer 2000 Watts (€449.99)
  • TS412 – 12″ woofer 2500 Watts (€499.99)
  • TS415 – 15″ woofer 2500 Watts (€549.99)

Overall I think the Alto Professional TS4 series seems to offer good value. The closest speaker range with these specs and features is probably the Mackie Thump series; however, you’ll pay a lot more money compared to the Alto equivalent!

The Alto Professional TS4 series will be available soon through our affiliate partners at Thomann. We’ll update you with street pricing and availability as soon as we know!




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3 responses to “Alto Professional TS4 – Value powered speakers with app connectivity”

    Savci murat says:

    hello, with the ts3 series top cabinets I only have bad reviews about the tweeters and with the ts 318 combustion with the woofers, I am very curious and interested in the 415 top cabinets that I would like to buy but, what has been improved? Greetings

      Ken M. says:

      The TS315 did have an issue where the tweeter could be easily blown if the speaker was operated improperly. Same with the TS318s, it was capable of destroying itself if operated improperly. The TS4 series utilizes a different tweeter and I have not heard of any problems with them this far. As for the sub, if operated properly they are fine. A lot can be said for knowing what you are doing… you can’t run a line level signal into an input set for mic level signals, for example.

    Guy Feldman says:

    Can the bluetooth speaker to speaker wireless connection operate without a phone or device? ie. allow wireless pairing of speakers using a conventional mixer, guitar mic etc…it’s not just enabling a single bluetooth device (eg phone)to send stereo signals to 2 speakers?

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