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DNA Labs Helium

DNA Labs Helium  ·  Source: Propellerhead

DNA Labs Helium

DNA Labs Helium  ·  Source: DNA Labs


Propellerhead has introduced a new synth Rack Extension from DNA Labs. The Helium Quad Evolving Synthesizer fuses synthesized waveforms with real instrument waveforms to crossbreed hybrid alien/human sounds controlled by a very dark interface.


Helium Quad Evolving Synthesizer

Behind the darkness is 4.48GB of sample content containing 2000 waveforms that can be loaded into any of the four oscillators. Amongst the weird, twisted and evolving synth sounds there’s also strings, pianos, brass and many more real instruments trying to fight their way out.

The oscillators are split into two pairs called A and B. Using an “Evolve” function you can shape how oscillator A1 morphs into A2, and similarly with B1 to B2. Then another crossfading path is drawn between A and B via a big knob in the middle of the GUI  with “X” written on it. In other words, you have oscillators morphing into oscillators which in turn evolve into other oscillators – sounds very exciting!

There are other exciting things too like the “Helium Release” pitch envelope which morphs the pitch of oscillators when a key is released. Or the Quad LFO and Quad Env section that all feed into the Modulation Matrix and squirt out to any parameter you fancy. There’s an Ambience section with reverb and delay to place your sounds into space and then a 3D image section to push it in a third direction. There are, of course, filters to be played with and Helium has a dual filter section with 5 analogue modelled mode.

Helium is capable of sounding completely usable while having edges that run off in unexpected directions. And with 525 presets to play with you’ll never be short on inspiration.

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Helium is available as a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason for £89 or pick it up as part of the Rent-to-own subscription system for $9.99 a month.

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  • Helium Quad Evolving Synthesizer webpage.



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DNA Labs Helium

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