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Champagne SuperNova Vintage Synthesizer

Champagne SuperNova Vintage Synthesizer  ·  Source: Jiggery-Pokery Sound


The Novachord was a terrible old synthesizer from the late 1930’s that used vacuum tube oscillators and divide-down circuits. It was unstable, erratic and noisily perfect for early sci-fi soundtracks and general eeriness. Jiggery Pokery has avoided all the nonsense by creating new waveforms inspired by the Novachord and that retain the spirit but not the crappiness.


Champagne Supernova

They’ve taken 15 new waveforms and sprinkled them with virtual noise and crap to give a perfectly authentic feel to this Novachord emulation. Which also means you can dial it back to give you something more pristine. This means it’s more of a stylistic reinterpretation than an actual emulation – but that’s probably no bad thing.

The sounds generated by the vacuum tube oscillators (or reinterpreted) were routed through five parallel filters, an extra “Bright-Mellow” serial low pass filter and then a tube amp. The parallel filters consisted of a low and high pass and three resonant bandpass filters. A vibrato is applied via six rate-offset LFOs in consecutive note pairs. Then an ADR/AHR envelope is applied with keyboard split release adjustment. They’ve also added a more modern ASDR along with velocity control. The output cabinet has a modelled direct or miked output. And finishing it all off is a pedal board of vintage effects such as chorus, reverb, delay and “Deep Space Shine”.

It comes with a stack of presets, looks the part and will give you some truly old-school sounds to add some vintage spin to your Reason tracks.


Champagne Supernova Rack Extension is only €39 until the end of March and only runs inside of Propellerhead Reason.

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Champagne SuperNova Vintage Synthesizer

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