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AKG K182  ·  Source:

AKG K182  ·  Source:

Announced at Winter NAMM 2016, AKG’s new studio headphones are now available. AKG announced several new headphone designs at NAMM, a total of four closed-back models in fact. These K182’s are the priciest of the four, aimed at professionals and everyday studio use. It’s unusual to see studio headphones folding up in this way, so what’s the concept?

AKG have recognised that the modern professional is always on the go. Working on headphones has become more and more common too, making it desirable to have the same reference sound wherever you go, whether it be for music or post production. I carry two different pairs of headphones with me all the time for example, and they take up more space in my bag than anything else. That the K182’s fold away makes a lot of sense, but time will tell if they’re strong enough. Unfortunately plastic structures and similar folding mechanisms are prone to damage. It isn’t clear how many parts on these K182’s are field re-placeable unlike some of Beyerdynamics. The cable is, however, connecting via a small XLR style connection which looks strong and secure.

These K182’s also have an impressive spec, with a frequency response of 10Hz – 28kHz. This is delivered via 50 mm drivers which is larger than any of the competition. This makes me very curious to hear a pair of the K182’s. Based upon previous experiences with AKG headphones, I can only predict they will sound broad but probably coloured. At 32 Ohms they are halfway between professional use with a headphone amplifier and domestic use with consumer equipment.

Priced at 94.37 GBP, they’re certainly a cheaper option than most alternatives, making them very tempting.

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