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AKG K361 studio headphones

AKG K361 studio headphones  ·  Source: AKG / HARMAN

AKG K371 studio headphones

AKG K371 studio headphones  ·  Source: AKG / HARMAN

Coming from HARMAN-owned AKG are the new K361 and K731 closed-back studio headphones. A combination of compact design and studio-worthy sound, they are meant to serve both professional and lifestyle applications – says the manufacturer. The main target audience these headphones are aimed at, though, is the slew of content creators – artists, engineers, podcasters, video editors, producers and so forth.

The new headphones are the first to utilize a new oval earcup shape; AKG says it’ll give you a more comfortable fit and improved frequency response. They also have 50mm drivers and copper (pure, oxygen-free) voice coils, with the K731 getting titanium-coated diaphragms as well. Frequency response is rated at 15Hz to 28kHz for the K361 and an impressive 5Hz to 40kHz for the K371. Furthermore, the headphones are tuned to AKG’s proprietary Reference Response curve for hearing and listening preferences.

Other advantages include metal-reinforced parts, plush slow-retention foam pads and adjustable calibrated headbands. The earcups swivel 90 degrees to provide single-ear monitoring.

Price and availability

The K361 are sold for USD 99 a pair. The K731 are sold for USD 150. Both models ship with a protective carrying pouch and detachable cables. The prices are certainly aggressive, although it was not long ago that TASCAM announced its USD 70 TH-06 monitoring headphones. At this point, the market presents a wide choice for starter studio headphones by prominent brands like Audio-Technica, Shure, and Beyerdynamic, among others. I’d say there is something in there for everyone!

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  1. chris says:

    what do you mean takes aim at? AKG has been the choice of creators for about 50 years. How can they take aim at a market they essentially own?

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