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PreSonus HD9 studio headphones

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Looking for a new pair of studio headphones? PreSonus has announced the immediate availability of its HD9 studio headphones. The manufacturer claims a clean sound, comfortability, and broad frequency response.


The HD9s are closed-back headphones, which means a fair degree of isolation and reduced bleed, making them good for monitoring while recording vocals or practising an instrument, for example.

The headphones feature 45mm dynamic neodymium drivers and have the ability to handle reasonably high levels — that’s 900mW per channel going into a 40ohm input. The claimed frequency response of this headset is 10Hz all the way to 26kHz, so a nice bit of extension here — even if it’s of little practical use, considering the human hearing range (up to 20Hz). Then again, you might get something out of this if you are listening to hi-def music recorded with a high-range mic like the newly released Sony-C100.

Construction-wise, the HD9 offers an adjustable headband, rotatable cups (180 degrees on two axes) and durable ear pads. The build is durable, PreSonus says, so you can carry these around without having to handle them with velvet gloves, so to speak.

Price and availability

The HD9s are on sale now at PreSonus’ dealers, priced at an affordable USD 80. That’s a wonderful price for what seems to be a competent and reliable pair of cans. We are very interested in hearing how these sound considering the sub-100 tag.

Listened to a pair of these and want to share your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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