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Newcomers 2nd Sense Audio launch their first product onto an unsuspecting audio industry in the shape of a dynamic waveshaping synthesizer plug-in called Wiggle. With a name like that I was expecting something sort of soft, fun, warm and bouncy. But no, the dramatic video trailer was very much about being in your face, on the edge with a fair bit of wobbly bass – I’d say it was more of a twerk than a wiggle. Whatever you call it the sound and look is impressive enough to want me to delve a little deeper.


Wiggle is based upon four operators which allow you to modulate, manipulate and automate the wavetable. You’ve got shaping tools, LFOs, randomisation, phase distortion, FM and morphing that let you create a wide sonic palette. The FM side consists of a colour-coded matrix showing the modulator/carrier relationship. The inbuilt step sequencer for both notes and modulation lets you create patterns which can then be dragged into your DAW. You can also capture Wiggles performance as a wave file which again can be dragged into your DAW – or onto your desktop.

You can drag and drop the LFO modulators onto whichever parameter you want to latch onto, which is quite a nice feature. The wave displays on each operator move and wobble about in response to modulation, giving a very dynamic sense to the controls. The morphing facility lets you take up to four snapshots of the synth and then morph between them using the XY pad in the middle. The synth is rounded off with a sizable effects section for messing up all your good work.


There’s not masses of detail on the website but there is a 7-day trial and a load of sound samples along with the trailer video. I really like the look they’ve gone for, a very clear and large interface and they talk about Retina support and even have an image on the website of it running on a Microsoft Surface and not just the obligatory MacBook, so congratulations on being so daring – I wonder if it’s multi-touchable?

Wiggle is available now for OSX and Windows as VST, AU, AAX and standalone for USD $99.

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