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Wiggle Microphone Controller

 ·  Source: OWOW

OWOW, creators of the original Wiggle Kit, launched the Wiggle Kit 2.0 on Kickstarter. The company presents a fresh option for vocalists interested in manipulating their voices live through real-time effects. Wiggle Kit is a combination of tiny handheld controller and smartphone app. The former has technology to make it respond to hand movements, as well as four control buttons. The latter does the effects processing.

The available FX include pitch correction, reverbs, pitch shifting, echo, vocoding, vocal doubling, and more – enough of an arsenal to accomplish some serious audio mayhem. The controller will be compatible with any software that accepts MIDI input, so there’s the option of linking it to other FX programs, too.

The Wiggle controller is discrete and can be held in the hands easily together with a vocal microphone. It’s a clever means of controlling effects on stage, though nailing down the right sounds and effects will require some practice. Still, the videos available on OWOW’s YouTube channel demonstrate some interesting performances. Used correctly, the Wiggle controller can definitely spice up a live performance. It can be an useful studio tool, too.

The Kickstarter campaign will finish November 28, so there’s still time to pledge and get the Wiggle Kit 2.0 at a special Kickstarter price. The target shipping date is before Christmas 2017, which means Wiggle Kit is pretty far along in its development. Upon shipping, the package will include the Wiggle device, the app and effects, a mic connector, and an USB cable.

What do you think of this novel controller? Is it something you might be interested in? Tell us in the comments section below.

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