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Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller  ·  Source:


The Soleman MIDI foot controller from Source Audio packs a lot of useful control options into a rugged looking pedal. Designed to allow you to control MIDI effects and software when your hands are busy playing your guitar, bass or keyboard.


MIDI Control

The Soleman has two MIDI outputs plus a MIDI input as well and a USB port for when you need to plug straight into your computer. They have also added a port for an expression pedal if you need a continous controller or extra foot switches as well.

There are three control modes onboard the Soleman –  Scene, Set list and Panel with indicator lights on the front of the unit which show you which mode you are in.

Four footswitches allow you to scroll through preset banks and pull up patches and scenes, the layout on the main screen is bright and designed to be easy to see what you are navigating to and from with the backlit LCD screen.


Source Audio Soleman Editor software Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

Source Audio Soleman Editor software


The unit can attach to a Mac or PC via the onboard USB port and Source Audio have made a free editor software package, Soleman Editor to allow you to easily program in your desired setup for the Soleman pedal .

I like the layout myself and welcome software to program the pedal. For me a lot of it will be down to how easy it is to use with the Soleman Editor editing software, as the itself pedal looks well made. The screen shot above actaully looks pretty simple, albeit there are a lot of options, but it looks clear and concise to me.

The Soleman Foot Controller is available now.

RRP $249

Source Audio Soleman specifications here 



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