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Getting good quality audio to accompany your video productions can be challenging. The new XVive U5 wireless mic system looks like it could offer a simple yet high-quality and reliable solution for vloggers and content creators everywhere.


XVive U5

If you’re a content creator or blogger, then undoubtedly you’ll know the challenge of getting good quality audio. Most digital cameras include a microphone of some sort, however, they’re rarely capable of delivering the goods. Even if the onboard mic does offer reasonable quality, it’s not going to be any good for long-distance shots. You know the kind? Those shots where the presenter is a long way from the camera, but you still need the sound of a close mic’d presenter?

Well, the solution is usually a well-trodden one nowadays. On the whole, you’ll use a wireless lavalier microphone. The problem is that not all wireless mic systems are well suited to the vlogger or semi-pro content creator. Often they can be too bulky, too expensive, too limited in terms of channels – or all of the above!

The new U5 system from XVive, however, could provide an answer for vloggers and content creators everywhere. Importantly it’s a two-channel, lavalier based wireless system that’s both compact and affordable. The concept looks great, but do the specs add up under close scrutiny?

Compact and Easy to Use

Let’s see what you’re getting for your money: Two belt pack transmitters and a compact receiver. The receiver is small enough to mount on a camera shoe. Obviously, that makes it great for pairing with a DSLR or other compact camera. You could of course also use the receiver straight into any other recorder or interface.

XVive has based the U5 system around the 2.4GHz band, which I think is a good choice for this kind of system. The receiver takes a replaceable, rechargeable battery pack (which looks a lot like a GoPro battery pack to me) and boasts clear and easy to use controls. The excellent promo video by XVive demonstrates the system very well, and from the demo, the audio quality seems excellent.


Obvious competitor products would be the Rode Wireless Go II, the Samson Go Mic Mobile and the t.bone Sync. It should be noted that the XVive U5 is the most expensive of the mic systems mentioned here. However, I think it offers a very pleasing bridge between “prosumer” type systems and professional wireless systems. Hopefully the system will deliver on XVive’s promises in terms of quality and reliability.

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