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Waves - PRS SuperModels

Waves - PRS SuperModels  ·  Source: Waves

The brand new PRS SuperModels amp plug-ins are the latest plugin collection from Waves and were designed in conjunction with Paul Reed Smith himself. These modules are based on three desirable PRS valve amps and available for a short time at a nice introductory price point.

PRS SuperModels

The bundle announced back in January during the Winter NAMM Show has finally launched today and includes the high-gain Archon model, the classic Dallas, and the Blue Sierra/V9 amp. You can now add these to the DAW of your choice.

Waves have attempted to model the tubes, circuitry and even the components of each amp with the help of Paul Reed Smith himself. You can even choose the speaker cabinets and add cabinet IRs. You can hear a demo below with Devin Townsend who gives them a damn good thrashing. Alex Skolnick who also gives them a good going over as well.

They look pretty decent and include eight different speaker IRs, a digital tuner and also a handy auto-gain feature to facilitate switching between them. You can also run them standalone without a DAW, making them easy to fire up and play around with.

The introductory price looks pretty enticing; you can pick up all three for under $50 at the moment. Download a free trial and give them a whirl without paying a penny.

Available in VST, AU, AAX and of course standalone

RRP – USD 49 introductory price and then USD 129 thereafter

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