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The hardware version of the BSS DPR-402 is no longer available which is a disappointment for many. Like many BSS products, the DPR-402 was known amongst engineers in studio, live and broadcast scenarios. Not only has this unit got a strong reputation, but it also ties in well with the torrent that Waves are creating in the live sound world.


It sometimes feels like plugin manufacturers have emulated every piece of quality hardware out there. However, products like this one turn up and you’re once again reminded of forgotten classic pieces of gear. Not only that, but emulations are getting better and better. Waves are one of the the top manufacturers who are able to emulate real hardware units so successfully. There’s no concern here over audio quality. What’s more, being a Waves plug, it’s likely to function well and be very stable, given their reputation.

Yes it’s another dynamics processor which you might feel you have enough of by now, but as Waves put it themselves, the BSS DPR-402 was “known for its punch, versatility, and the explosive sound”. The user interface looks great and I’m pleased to see a complete set of professional controls. It also appears to have a set of features only inherent to this plugin version, taking the benefits of emulating classic hardware further which I really appreciate.

The DPR-402 is essentially a dynamics processor which covers everything from compression, peak limiting and de-essing all-in-one. Although these processors can be enabled separately, it’s the combination of these processors which give it that once-recognised sound. Potentially, this is a very powerful tool.

Waves are offering an introductory price of 99 USD, which will rise to 149 USD. The plugin will also be included in the Mercury bundle, and un-surprisingly the Pro Show and SD7 bundles. It would have been nice to see it included in a few other bundles, maybe that will come.

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