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Waves Spherix

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UPDATE: Waves released Spherix in its web store for USD 199.


Waves announced Spherix, a dynamics processing plug-in designed for quick and streamlined work on immersive mixes. In particular, it’s optimized for the beds (fixed channels) of immersive 7.1.4 or 7.1.2 mixing environments (one such is Dolby Atmos).

Waves Spherix Compressor and Limiter plug-in

Spherix provides a dedicated workflow for working on immersive mixes with functionality such as:

  • Channel linking to group channels in various ways. This way, you can control dynamics in several modes. According to Waves, you can work on each bed separately (multi-mono), group all beds together, or group them by the relevant groups. These could be all your tops, all rears + sideя, or 3 different front wall splits (LR, LRC, LRC+LFE). It depends on how you want to treat the center and LFE channels
  • Control links let you link the controls of different channels with similar zone-grouping options. This way, you can make quick tweaks to a full zone (tops, rear + sides, front wall splits) from a single instance.
  • Quick-access knobs are available for all channels right below the metering. They show the last parameter you tweaked and make it available for all channels or groups. This is without the need to manually switch between multiple channels.
  • Several metering and viewing options optimized for immersive environments. You can view all your meters and gain reduction for each fixed channel.

Waves Spherix – shift dynamic energy

For Spherix, Waves says it came up with a new approach to shift dynamic energy in an immersive mix. When centered, a group will be compressing and limiting multiple channels as one (“GRP” mode).

“All” mode will shift the energy to the sidechain which will make the group listen and react to all other channels and compress by the input audio. This will make the group react similarly to a master bus. Spherix will start compressing when audio from any channel hits the threshold.

“IND” mode makes each channel within the group react more to itself. This makes the compressor’s reaction closer to that of a multi-mono setup.

Price and availability

At the time of publishing, Waves announced Spherix without updating its website or offering price and availability info. We’ll be keeping an eye out and will update the post when these important details become available.

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Waves Spherix

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