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Wavefonix 3340 Dual VCO and 2140 LPF

Wavefonix 3340 Dual VCO and 2140 LPF  ·  Source: Wavefonix


New releases include the CEM3340 based 3340 Dual VCO with parallel oscillators and the 2140 Low-Pass Filter with overdrive and dual compensated FM modulation.



Their range of classic looking modules is shaping up nicely. I’m enjoying the clean and elegant approach where there’s no fuss or mess or flair, just solid, simple design.

3340 Dual VCO

This is a pair of their CEM3340 based oscillators in a single module. Often dual oscillators are designed as complex oscillators with lots of cross-modulation and other intentions. Not so with the 3340 Dual VCO. This is simply two 3340 VCOs in a single package which lends itself to creating 2-oscillator unison lead and bass lines, or maybe something a bit duophonic, focusing on the sound rather than the modulation.

Although it has modulation aplenty with Sync, Pulse Width Modulation and FM inputs so there’s lots of fun to be had by plumbing them into each other. Each oscillator offers sawtooth, triangle and square outputs.

Having spent a lot of time with the Wavefonix Poly-8 which has 8 of these same oscillators in the one module I can tell you that these sound great. Honestly, 2 oscillators are much easier to deal with.


The 3340 Dual VCO is £229.99

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2140 LPF

The new low-pass filter uses the SSI2140 IC which is the successor to the SSM2040 designed by Dave Rossum and used in the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 amongst others. It’s a 4-pole 24dB/octave filter that can be overdriven to find that classic SSM2040 sound. It has switchable resonance compensation in case you want to keep it real with that classically annoying volume drop as you increase the resonance.

You have CV control over cutoff and resonance and it can be pushed into self-oscillation and tracked with 1v/oct.

The 2140 LPF is £104.99

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Wavefonix 3340 Dual VCO and 2140 LPF

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