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Wavefonix Poly-8 VCO

Wavefonix Poly-8 VCO  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix Poly-8 Expander

Wavefonix Poly-8 Expander  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix Poly-8 MIDI-to-CV

Wavefonix Poly-8 MIDI-to-CV  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix Poly-8 Processor

Wavefonix Poly-8 Processor  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix Poly-8 ADSR and Glide

Wavefonix Poly-8 ADSR and Glide  ·  Source: Wavefonix


Wavefonix has released the first glimpse of their forthcoming Poly-8 range of polyphonic Eurorack modules with the massive Poly-8 VCO and there’s much more to come.


Poly-8 VCO

Currently, all we get to see is a front panel design but it gives us a good idea as to what to expect. 8 CEM3340 based oscillators setup as a row of individual modular oscillators with sawtooth, triangle and square wave outputs. There’s voltage controller PWM, Sync and FM with a Lin/Exp switch. You could do a lot of damage with 8 of those.

Polyphony in modular is expensive because you need duplicates of everything in the signal chain to achieve that polyphonic behaviour. To this end, Wavefonix has some more modules in the Poly-8 range coming along.

Firstly there’s a Poly-8 MIDI to CV Converter which will let you play the oscillators from your MIDI keyboard or DAW. Then we have the Poly-8 Processor which appears to be an 8-voice filter and VCA. The Poly-8 VCEG is an 8-channel ADSR envelope and the Poly-8 Glide is an 8-channel glide module. And finally, the Poly-8 Expander which allows you to combine two Poly-8 VCOs and use two VCOs per voice! I’m not exactly sure how it all comes together because there’s little information other than the front panel designs.


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Patching it up as a polyphonic synthesizer is going to cost you in HP and cables and is often seen as pretty cumbersome when purpose-built poly-synths can do the job much more elegantly. However, modular gives you a unique opportunity to deal with polyphony and cascades of sound in inventive ways and if you have the room it could get very interesting. Also, the Poly-8 VCO is a good way of getting a load of oscillators into your rack regardless of whether you’re after polyphony or use them for more individual tasks.


Wavefonix has recently released their 3340 VCO for €133 which will give you a taste of the Poly-8. They also have a 3340 Quad Linear VCA for a very reasonable £89.99, filters, a wavetable VCO and a decent range of well-priced utility modules.

It will be interesting to see what price the Poly-8 range come in at. Exciting stuff!

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Wavefonix Poly-8 VCO

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