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Wavefonix W314

Wavefonix W314  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix W314

Wavefonix W314  ·  Source: Wavefonix

Wavefonix is introducing a complete modular synthesizer aimed at the beginner. The W314 offers 11 modules in a 104HP skiff ready for your journey into bleeps and bloops.


Getting started in Eurorack modular can be difficult with so many options and so many questions that can be answered in so many different ways. Wavefonix wants to cut through the confusion with their own curated modular system which could be ideal for a beginner or for anyone looking for a nicely thought out, compact and reasonably priced system.

It’s always interesting to see what a manufacturer believes should feature in a relatively basic modular system and the W314 is no exception. It kicks off brilliantly with the 3340 dual analogue VCO based on the classic CEM3340 architecture. Then they’ve added in the surprising 1847 8-bit wavetable oscillator giving you a total of three sound sources to play with. That’s backed up with 4 VCAs (2 linear and 2 exponential) and 2 ADSR envelopes one of which is voltage controlled. The filter is the rich and thick sounding 2140 low-pass filter that can be overdriven and has lots of CV control. They round it off with a single voltage controlled LFO, Noise Generator, Ring Modulator, 3-Channel Panning Mixer and a 4×4 Buffered Multiple.

All of the modules are based on vintage circuits and Wavefonix has gone for a bit of Moog Modular look with their “Classic Edition” front panels. The skiff is finished in premium quality wood and includes an internal PSU from Konstant Lab. You also get a pack of 24 patch cables so you are ready to go out of the box.


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From a beginners perspective, I guess the one thing missing is a way to connect it to your existing system via USB or MIDI-to-CV. As there’s no sequencer you might want to look at a hardware sequencer or controller keyboard with CV outputs to go along with it. The W314 is a little light on LFOs but there’s loads of sonic character to be explored in this system and each module is individually useful and of top quality in terms of build and sound.

Wavefonix W314

Wavefonix W314

At £1,199.99 this is remarkably good value when you consider the price of these modules individually plus the case, power supply and cables. Wavefonix is definitely offering a good deal and each system is built and tested by hand in the UK. Because of this, the delivery may take some time but I think your patience will be rewarded.

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