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I Bought a $500,000 Klon Pedal

I Bought a $500,000 Klon Pedal  ·  Source: Music Is Win

Music Is Win has just posted a hilarious video of Tyler Larson buying Josh Scott’s $500,000 Klon pedal. The video is the latest satirical swipe at a phenomenon we’re calling PPS (Pedal Price Stupidity).

I Bought a $500,000 Klon Pedal

Many of us snickered at Josh Scott’s clever video about selling his Klon number 2 pedal for $500,000 when it was released back in January. Now comes part 2: Music Is Win aka Tyler Larson has purchased said pedal, only to discover he has to sell not just all his guitar gear to fund the purchase, but the contents of his house as well. He’s wiped out his saving account in the process and… Well, check out the rest of the video yourself.

Klon number 2

Klon number 2

No, really?

My favourite bit is the Lil ‘Wayne reference right at the very end – make sure you watch the whole thing. No spoilers here, just check it out and tell us what you think.

Having owned two originals Klon centaur pedals myself at the same time, I can attest that they do sound slightly different from each other anyway. So would number 2, the first ever production pedal, automatically sound the best? Are Klon pedals really worth a fortune? Or are they just overdrive pedals? How long will Pedal Price Stupidity last? Let us know your views in the comments below.


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3 responses to “Watch this hilarious send-up of the insane boutique pedal market”

  1. Modern3 says:

    The fetishising of any object is pathetic however this simply wasn’t very funny.

  2. John says:

    I missed the joke.

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