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Vox AC10 British Racing Green Tolex Limited Edition amp

Vox AC10 British Racing Green Tolex Limited Edition amp  ·  Source:


Vox have added the classic British Racing Green Tolex to the Mini 5, AC4C1-12, AC10C1, AC30C2, VT20X and VT40X amp models. This is not a colour you would normally associate with this company, but it is a classy look. Vox say this will be a limited edition.


British Racing Green

The company have used British Racing Green in the past with a few limited runs of amp models, so it is not unheard of, but this is the first time that they have used it on these specific amp models. It is a limited run, so you will have to be quick off the mark to get one.  Leave it too long and they may all ride away off into the sunset without you.

It is a nice colour option, so if you were thinking of buying one of these models then it may be worth seeking one out. Apart from the colour of the Tolex everything else is exactly the same as before, so no added upgrades. Vox aren’t saying how limited this run is, but if you want one they won’t be that hard to find. You might need to enquire at your local guitar store.

No mention of price rises, so we are assuming pricing is the same as normal on the different amp models.

Vox Limited Edition British Racing Green site here 

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