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Vox Limited Edition Maroon Bronco AC Custom amps

Vox Limited Edition Maroon Bronco AC Custom amps  ·  Source: Vox


Another day of Vox announcements means another limited-edition finish for its classic AC combos! And this time, the livery of the month is Maroon Bronco. 


Limited Edition

The AC4C1-12, AC10C1, AC15C1 and AC30C2 models are now available in a Maroon Bronco finish for a limited time.

They are all available to buy from the end of October, though we have no ‘official’ figure for the quantities being made, so we can’t honestly tell how ‘limited’ they will be.

I suppose if you were already in the market for buying one, then you may as well get one of these Maroon versions, as everyone likes to have something special. Or maybe that is what the Vox marketing people want us to think…

Red October

For me, I think that having limited runs of different Tolex coverings for amps is a fairly easy way for companies to reinvigorate a bit of interest in their current line-up. As consumers we all know this and for some of us it is a reason to go and buy one, but I still think I would prefer either a more substantial change to specification (Fender’s recent ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb for example) or even better a price reduction of a standard coloured version.

But, for now, you’ll have to just enjoy that can buy a Maroon Bronco version in October, so whoopee!

RRP – Maroon Bronco AC4 GBP 449, AC10 GBP 539 , AC15 GBP 749 and AC30 GBP 1,129

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