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Victory AmplificationRichie Kotzen RK100 head

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 head  ·  Source: Victory Amplification

Victory Amplification’s new Richie Kotzen RK100 Custom head comes in a luscious white finish. It’s also being produced in an exclusively small production run: only 20 are being made available worldwide.

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 Custom

According to Victory, Richie Kotzen approached the company back in 2018 about a 100-Watt amp for a forthcoming tour. The brief was that the sound and feel should capture the classic British rock heads of the late 1960s. But the amp should include a few useful modern features.

Two channels

The classic design from yesteryear has 4 inputs and two separate channels (normal/bright). The RK100 simplifies this by providing a single input and a switch that allows channels to be used independently or together.

That’s combined with a 3-band EQ, a push-pull switch on the Bright-Channel for more treble as well as a serial FX Loop. That adds up to a lot of different sound settings.

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 head

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 head

100 Watts

Honestly, who needs 100 Watts of tube power these days? OK, I can understand why you may need more headroom. Because sheer volume is only part of the story. It’s also about headroom and the behaviour of a powerful power amp. If you still want to drive it at lower volumes, you can either use the master or activate the low-power mode. That dials down the power to 30 watts, which is far more manageable for most of us.

You can also use both EL34 and 6L6 valves for the power amp. Inside the housing, the global bias is selected with a switch, making it easier to swap out your power output section tubes.

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 head rear panel

Victory Amplification Richie Kotzen RK100 head rear panel

20 pieces

In addition to the two heads being built for Richie, a further 20 amps are being made available in a limited edition. Each is numbered and signed by Richie himself.

RRP – GBP 1999

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