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Unfiltered Audio LION

Unfiltered Audio LION  ·  Source: Unfiltered Audio


It’s Unfiltered Audio so you can count on it being a bit fierce. LION is their first virtual instrument following on from some brutal distortion plug-ins, transmogrifying time machines and other modulation and processing secret weapons. It makes sense that they find themselves developing their own sound sources.



It’s a dual oscillator synthesizer with 26 algorithms covering all the usual waveforms and synthesis including subtractive, additive, FM, noise, supersaw and so on. They then pull in all sorts of elements from their back catalogue including a familiar, patchable and fiercely animated GUI.

LION has 8 different ways of combining the oscillators including algorithms such as Linear and Equal XFade, Min-Max, Ring Mod, Compare, Terrain, Bitter and Ash. Not entirely sure what they do but it could get interesting. Then there are 15 different filter types to get your teeth into. Effects are everywhere, pouring in from their BYOME effects processor into chains or singular sound-shaping tools.

But Unfiltered Audio is all about a ridiculous amount of modulation possibilities and LION has this in abundance. You can pile it on and route all sorts of quirky and creative movement and change from one place to another. The patching with these mini patch wires is sublime and pulls you into experimentation and both happy and devastating accidents. Modulation can be triggered via MIDI with lots of interesting avenues in manipulation and sound management as you play.

It can all be governed and destroyed by the BYOME randomisation engine that will pull new ideas straight out of the air while up-ending your perfectly crafted sound design at the click of a button.

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I’m a big fan of Unfiltered Audio plug-ins. They crash into your projects with exciting and creative possibilities and take you to unexpected places. LION looks like it’s in the same vein and manages to do that uncommon thing of bringing something different to the virtual synthesizer.


It’s not available until August so there’s no price as yet and it doesn’t appear in the Installation Manager even though the webpage says there’s a trial available. Of course, if you sign up to the Plugin Alliance’s new subscription service then you’ll get it as soon as it’s available.

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Unfiltered Audio LION

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