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Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2  ·  Source: Black Lion Audio


Black Lion Audio has announced its first bus-powered USB audio interface at NAMM Believe in Music Week. The Revolution 2×2 was designed from the ground up, building on BLA’s experience from its many mods of other manufacturers’ interfaces.


Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2

Among other things, Black Lion Audio is known for its mods of other manufacturer’s audio interfaces, such as Focusrite, M-Audio, MOTU and Presonus. Now the company has designed its first interface from the ground up. BLA says that they’ve been working on it in secret for many years.

Just how revolutionary can an audio interface be? The Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 probably doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but BLA says that it’s “modded out of the box”. It’s built from the same high-quality components the company uses to mod and improve other manufacturers’ devices, including Vishay, Nichicon and Wima capacitors and “the most cutting edge, high-end ICs“, BLA claims.

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2

Revolution 2×2 is a bus-powered USB-C audio interface with a maximum resolution of 192 kHz / 24 bit. BLA’s new Macro MMC clocking technology is built in, as is the company’s PG-i power conditioning tech. BLA also says that the internal gain staging has been optimized for a low signal-to-noise ratio. All of this works together to ensure the highest possible quality of sound, which is the most revolutionary thing about the interface, according to Black Lion Audio.

The two analog inputs feature high-headroom microphone preamps and phantom power and can also take instrument signals. The front side also offers an 8-segment level meter, main output gain knob and a monitoring section. Next to the headphone output is a monitor mix knob that lets you blend in the direct signal for latency-free monitoring.


At the back, the Revolution 2×2 offers two decoupled main outputs, digital S/PDIF I/O with embedded clock, and a USB-C connector.

Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

Black Lion Audio says that the Revolution 2×2 uses high-quality components

I’m not sure I’d go as far as calling it a revolution. But BLA’s first audio interface definitely looks like an interesting new option for a portable stereo audio interface. While there are many 2×2 interfaces that cost less, the attention to detail that went into its development makes the price of €399 seem very reasonable. And as they’ve now laid the groundwork, I think we can expect BLA to expand the line-up with additional models and higher channel counts in the future.

Price and availability

According to Black Lion Audio, the Revolution 2×2 will begin shipping in February 2021 for $399 / €399.

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Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2

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3 responses to “NAMM 2021: Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 USB audio interface”

    Nathanael says:

    I’m sure it sounds great, but there are so many audio interfaces out there that have perfectly usable conversion and preamplifiers. This is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist anymore. Especially for the amateur/prosumer market.

    Navnit shukla says:

    Very good product

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