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Fender Marauder  ·  Source: YouTube/Fender

Fender Marauder reimagined with a built in delay

Fender Marauder reimagined with a built in delay  ·  Source: YouTube/Fender

Fender’s Carlos Lopez has re-imagined an ultra-rare offset model from the mid-sixties, giving it a makeover, throwing in some sweet pickups and adding a built-in delay effect, too!

Dream Factory

The Fender Custom Shop is the dream of many a guitar player. Design your own guitar and – providing you have the money – they’ll make it a reality. The video below is a demonstration of what the Fender Custom Shop concept is all about. This one has an interesting story to tell: the recreation of a crazy rare Fender offset that didn’t make it into production.

Delta Spirit

Before embarking on this project, Delta Spirit guitarist Matthew Logan Vasquez already had a rich history with Fender. His family worked at the original Fender factory. Nowadays he plays Fender guitars and wanted a new guitar. Something unique. Enter Custom Shop builder Carlos Lopez.

Fender Marauder reimagined with a built in delay

Fender Marauder reimagined with a built in delay

An Offset reborn

The guitar Carlos Lopez built was a super-sweet recreation of the Marauder, modified to fit a custom delay effect into the top control section! That area is normally reserved for a tone circuit. The original Fender Marauder never made into production and only ever existed as a prototype in 1965. That’s one rare guitar.

The video below is fascinating to watch. It takes you through the whole process and I highly recommend you all check it out. Hopefully, this will trickle down into some variation of a standard run sometime in the near future. If you love offset guitars, then I guarantee you will love this video!

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4 responses to “Ultra-rare Fender Marauder offset re-imagined – with a built in delay effect”

  1. Cort says:

    It’s great how Fender allows its Master Builders to riff like this. Keeps them happy, allows them develop new ideas, and builds both their reputation as a craftsman as well as the Custom Shop’s brand. It’s a brilliant strategy.
    Name a Gibson master builder.

  2. Bilt Guitars. Look them up. Already doing this.

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