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Jack's Instrument Services JAzzmaster wioth built-in delay effect

Jack's Instrument Services Jazzmaster with built-in delay effect  ·  Source: Facebook / Jack's Instrument Services

As a fan of offset guitars, I was delighted to spot this special Jazzmaster – with an onboard delay! It was modded by Jack’s Instrument Services, who have come up with many interesting creations, too. The opening Khruangbin line played through the delay in their video caught my attention – check it out in the video below.

Offset Delay

This design is ingenious! They’ve placed an onboard delay effect where you would normally find the tremolo base plate on an offset Jazzmaster-style guitar. I like the handy sliders which allow you to quickly and easily adjust the delay parameters.

It reminds me of that Fender Custom Shop Marauder we wrote about recently, which also incorporated adelay circuit into its upper tone control panel.

Jack’s Instrument Services is a small independent guitar setup and repair workshop based in Cheetham Hill, Greater Manchester in the UK. These guys are now on my radar. Nice work, fellas!

Jazzmaster with built in delay

Jazzmaster with built in delay

Jazzmaster mods

Another thing I like about this mod is the slanted pickups. And that pickguard is also pretty special, as well. If you want to ask these people to do some work for you, follow my link below. I’m not affiliated with them in any way shape or form, but I think that their work looks very impressive!

If anyone from Jack’s Instruments Services reads this, well done! I just had to share your work.

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