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1010music Toolbox

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1010music have found another use for their digital, touch-screenable, multi-purpose Eurorack module. This time it’s a sequencer called Toolbox and it’s looking pretty interesting.



Following on from the Bitbox sampler, Fxbox effects processor and Synthbox synthesizer, a sequencer looked like the obvious next progression. Sharing the now familiar form factor of the other boxes this version has its brain wired for polyphonic sequencing. 1010music say that this is “Series 2” hardware and so different from the other boxes. Quite how that works in terms of firmware switching, where each box can become the other boxes by changing the software, is unclear at the moment. I would assume that the Toolbox can become the other boxes but probably not the other way around.

Sequencing specs

Toolbox contains 4 Rhythm sequencers, 4 polyphonic Note sequencers and 4 function generators. The sequencers support up to 32 steps, from 1/64th note to 8 bars. The rhythm tracks can output through the gate output or they can be used to trigger the note sequencers. The Note sequencers can be routed to the dedicated CV/gate output or over MIDI. The function generators consist of 3 LFOs and a 1 bar CV sequencer which can be locked to tempo or free running.


The screen appears to really come into its own with this module. The details are a little bit scarce. The webpage says that the touchscreen gives immediate access to sequencers, parameters and events but doesn’t really tell you what that means. However, more is revealed in the promo video, performed by Dan Pearson. He appears to trigger patterns and turn tracks on and off with the screen. There’s also a piano roll mode where you can add notes and gates – which is great if a little bit weeny for fingers. The touch-screen is a definite selling point and I’m not sure why they don’t make a bit more of it on the website.

Although the website is inconsistent – on the press release it mentions the piano roll and directs you to the promo video but without a link. On the shop product page, it doesn’t mention the piano roll or the video. Come on 1010music – sort your life out!


the Toolbox is available from 1010music and dealers for $599.95.

More information

  • 1010music Toolbox press release page.
  • 1010music Toolbox shop product page.


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1010music Toolbox

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