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Doboz TSNM

Doboz TSNM  ·  Source: Doboz

Doboz TSNM

Doboz TSNM  ·  Source: Doboz

TSNM or Touch Sensing Note Memory is a performance orientated monophonic controller for Eurorack and Buchla format modular synthesis. 


The panel consists of 10 note plates and 2 transposer plates which can be tuned over 5 octaves and +-24 semitones. The plates are pressure sensitive with a dedicated CV pressure output. The controller can be a number of things. It can be an arpeggiator, a sequencer, a quantizer or a pressure CV recorder. Up to 19 presets can be saved to the device which includes the keyboard layout, sequencers and all other options.

The video (below) goes into some nice detail about the individual modes and what they can bring to your Eurorack. You can allocate notes to the plates to then play or arpeggiate or sequence, all the while having that pressure aspect to control a parameter elsewhere in your rack. One of the more remarkable features is the pressure recording. So you can manipulate the pressure on a plate in order to generate CV and up to 4 seconds can be recorded and replayed. Playback can be a one-shot or continually looping. It can also be triggered by further note presses so that you are adding that modulation to every note. It can also be locked or overdubbed. That’s all very groovy.

I also like the ease with which transposing on the sequencer and arpeggiator occurs. It’s incredibly useful for generating quick melodies and applying a song structure.

At 28 HP it will take a good chunk of your rack. Wider than the Make Noise Pressure Points but not as wide as the Réne and can arguably perform the tasks of both those modules.

Doboz is selling the TSNM 3U as a panel and PCB kit for €70 plus shipping. But you’ll also have to go out and purchase all the components in order to build it. The build involves some surface mount soldering and the flashing of a Teensy microcontroller and the instructions are quite rudimentary. I know I’d happily pay extra for a complete kit in a bag so I can know I have all the right parts.


The 4U version is for the Buchla format and has been around since last summer. It costs a bit more at €80 but with either version it seems like an absolute bargain to me.

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