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While everybody seems to be into Eurorack, the larger 5U Moog Unit format is still very much around in certain circles. One such circle is who have put together a marvellous 3 oscillator Thought Box system in a folding cabinet with everything you need for a large format foray into modular.


TB22++ Thought Box

The idea behind the Thought Box is to provide a working modular system. This particular one is combined with a rather natty folding case that keeps everything safe and patched up ready to go. It has an aluminium handle, room for cable storage and part of the cover even unfolds into a cable holder. TB22++ Thought Box TB22++ Thought Box

What about the collection of modules? These include: MIDI converter, arpeggiator, slew-limiter/portamento, three oscillators each with EG and VCA, gate math, sample & hold, noise with low-pass filter, sine/square LFO, dual envelope generator, state variable filter with VC resonance, 4-channel mixer with signal processing, VCA with panning, tuner and headphone amplifier, 8×16 step sequencer with trigger I/O, sequential switch, 3-channel quantizer. That’ll do nicely!


The sequencer is the Moog-style Q960 8-stage, 3-row sequencer and fills most of the top half of the cabinet. The Sequential Switch lets you take the sequencer up to 24 steps and the quantizer makes for easy tuning. The MIDI interface is quite comprehensive offering 2 channels with multiples, pressure, velocity, arpeggiator and portamento. The three Q167 oscillators contain their own VCA and envelope generators so they are more or less individual voices. There are 15 modules in total and room for one more. And it comes with a bundle of some quite cool low profile jack patch cables.

For $3700 that’s about the same as the now discontinued Moog Model D, or quite a bit cheaper than the Minimoog Voyager XL. Or consider that it’s $800 cheaper than the Make Noise Shared System. It’s an interesting way to bring some Moog-style modular to your studio and some fat flavour to your music. And you’ll be able to look down on all your friends with their silly little Euroracks.

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