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Moog Synthesizer IIIc

Moog Synthesizer IIIc  ·  Source: Moog

Moog Synthesizer IIIc

Moog Synthesizer IIIc  ·  Source: Moog Synthesizer


Before the Model D, before the keyboard synthesizer, there was custom made Moog modular systems. Between the two Bob Moog and his team put together pre-configured electronic instruments that became known as the Moog Synthesizer.


The most famous was the third generation IIIc which was built into a large walnut cabinet (hence the “c”). But then they released a “portable” version called the IIIp which was split into 3 cabinets to make it more manageable. Someone at Moog has decided that the time is right to give those another go.

Moog Synthesizer IIIp

It’s 50 years since they built the last one. But they’ve dusted off the instructions and have started production on a short run of 40 new units. Each one features 37 hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules including ten 901-series oscillators, the 984 Matrix Mixer and 905 Spring Reverb.

They are being built identically to the originals with all the tuning instability and susceptibility to interference that’s inherent in the design. This is not an improved upon, updated or tweaked recreation, this is the real thing.

The distinctive feature is, of course, its 3 cabinet design. Making it completely possible to take it to a gig or to fit it in a less than spacious studio. They conveniently come with covers and handles on the top. Although, how likely is it that you’d take it along to your local Synth Meet?


With all the positivity surrounding Behringer in their drive to provide the world with awesomely affordable classic synthesizers, this is something different. This is for the purist, this is for the beauty, this is for the art of sound.

This will also set you back $35,000. But if you need to ask then you can’t afford one. But hopefully, we can bathe in the music of those that can.

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Moog Synthesizer IIIc

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