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WMD Javelin and C4RBN

WMD Javelin and C4RBN  ·  Source: WMD

Javelin is an ADSR with added attitude and depth what C4RBN loses in vowels it makes up for in saturation and wavefolding on its 4-pole/2-pole state variable output.


4 knobs on an envelope module so it’s got to be a straight forward multi-mode ADSR right? Well, yes, but they’ve also built in a VCA just to make it all a bit simpler and more integrated because that’s usually what our envelope acts upon. Then they added 3 level ranges to give control over the overall amplitude and then 3 time ranges for quick switching of the envelope feel. These controls come from developing ideas for live performance. It can be really snappy and instant or you can crank it out to 88 minutes per stage if you want your modulation to last all afternoon.

WMD added another interesting factor – Accent. With Accent it tips the envelope higher with each Gate input so you can build Accents upon each other. WMD says “When controlling a filter, this creates a sound that can be personified with breathing, laughing, screaming, or crying, and is the key to the perfect, funky, acid style bass line. ” Sounds like fun.

Javelin is available for $199.


C4RBN has been available for a little while now but slipped under my radar and so I was delighted to talk to Alex from WMD about it at SynthBooth.

It’s a 4-pole, 2-pole State Variable Filter with input saturation, output wavefolding and lots of character. It’s designed with live performance in mind and they say it’s “the building block to life in your Eurorack.” The wavefolding comes from WMD’s Synchrodyne module but has been refined for C4RBN to make this their finest filter yet which will scream at you with its folded waves and self-oscillating resonance. And it’s all contained in 4HP.

Other news

They have a lot of stuff out of stock at the moment and have struggled with supply and production in these times of pandemic. However, more Metrons are on the way and since they sold out of the limited-edition Performance Mixer they are focussing on getting the non-extended modular version back into stock.

The SCLPL EQ and morphing filter which they announced back in April is still “on the way”.

They are all about catching up at the moment and so we probably won’t see anything new until next year.

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