Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes The Sweeper The Sweeper  ·  Source: / gearnews has released The Sweeper, an envelope filter plug-in with a sidechain input. The resonant filter reacts dynamically to the source signal or a sidechain signal, which lets you create all sorts of useful and creative filtering effects.

Like other plug-ins by, such as Noize 2 and Transient Booster, The Sweeper has a very clean and straightforward GUI. Beneath it lies a combination of a resonant multimode filter with an envelope and a sidechain input. This means that the filter cutoff frequency can be modulated by either the source signal itself, or another signal such as a bass drum. In addition to being a creative effect, says that The Sweeper can provide a more natural-sounding alternative to gating and sidechain compression.

Dynamic filtering with many options

The Sweeper lets you choose the filter type (low pass or high pass) and slope (12-48 dB/Oct). Instead of a cutoff control, the plug-in features adjustable start and end frequencies, in between which the sweeping takes place. There’s also a resonance control, and you can adjust the attack and release times of the envelope.

By using the sidechain input, you use a signal from another track to control the filter. For example, you can have the bass drum control the filter on a synth pad, or use the snare drum to filter the guitar. Besides offering many creative opportunities, this allows you to apply filtering in a similar fashion as sidechain compression. Sometimes it sounds more musical to filter a signal rather than turning it down. The Sweeper seems like a great little tool that makes this process very easy.

When using the source signal to control the filter, The Sweeper acts like a more traditional envelope filter. This is a great way to add some funky filter movements to bass, guitar, and synth tracks. In a more technical application, you can use The Sweeper in place of a gate. Filtering the signal when it isn’t playing, rather than muting it completely, can sound more natural and less intrusive than a gate.

Compatibility and price has a generous introductory offer for The Sweeper. The plug-in is currently available for EUR 24.99, down from EUR 48.90. A trial version is also available. The plug-in works on macOS (VST, VST3, AU, AAX) and Windows (VST, VST3, AAX).

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