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 ·  Source: Denise

The original Noize plug-in found fandom among electronica producers looking to inject some grit and attitude into their synths and samples. A year later, developer is back with Noize ver. 2, developed after gaining “lots of feedback” from users.

A significant update, Noize 2 comes with three new noise types, the ability to load and edit custom noise profiles, and other cool features like a switch to generate noise adapted to the volume of your track, additional filtering, the option to isolate the noise signal and apply additional effects, noise envelope tweaking, and lower CPU usage. I guess this is still Noize like you know it, but even better, which is always cool.

To celebrate the launch, denise is including an exclusive sample pack made specifically for the plug-in. It contains samples made out of outdoor recordings in Berlin, which sounds like an interesting bit of sound design and a good collection of sample fodder to feed Noize 2 or whatever you use for sample mangling. Ah, I miss Berlin…

Recently, denise released a pair of sound design tools called Bite and Space Invader. They are said to complement Noize 2 very well, so check them out for further reading. Opting to buy them actually reduces the price for Noize 2 in a sort of a bundle arrangement, and there are also upgrade options available for owners of the original Noize.

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