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Denise Transient Booster

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Developer has released an interesting transient designer called Denise Transient Booster. It’s a deceptively simple-looking plug-in which seems at first glance to hold a good amount of flexibility and power, with continuous attack and release controls available for adjusting the length of transients and getting rid of artefacts.


And then there are timbre-style options and a built-in brickwall limiter! The developer also promises that the plug-in is highly optimized, using very little CPU time compared to multiband transient designers.


Denise Transient Booster has the following controls:

Boost – amplifies transients, acts as bypass button when set to 0%

Input – adjusts input signal gain between -24dB to 24dB

Output (024dB to 24dB) – adjusts output gain to compensate the volume increase resulting from transient boost


Peak-Width – controls the attack level applied to the plug-in’s detection system for adjusting transient width. The range is 0ms – 100ms so that you can target the peaks you want to a degree of precision.

Smooth – controls the detection system’s release level, smoothing out artifacts resulting from more pronounced transient boosts such as ones coming from other transient designers used on more complex sources like bus groups and full mixes. Most of them are not designed for such use, but combining them with Denise lets you achieve that without the traditional distortion, pops, and crackles.

Style – specifies the timbre of transients you want to boost

Link – links the left and right channel transient boosting to preserve the track’s stereo image

Safe – turns on a brickwall limiter at the end of the processing chain to prevent clipping

Price and availability

Priced EUR 19 / USD 21.32 / GBP 16.52 with a free trial version available, Denise Transient Designer seems like a sweet purchase. The plug-in is available in VST/AU/VST3 formats for Mac and PC computers. While you are at it, do check out Couture as well, which is a powerful transient shaper with built-in saturation algorithms.

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Denise Transient Booster

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