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WMD SCLPL  ·  Source: WMD

WMD has announced a very compact and feature-filled 4HP SCLPL module which, like a scalpel, can cut out problem frequencies and enhance your stereo field.



It’s a 5-band digital EQ where you can use dual mono or stereo signals. Each frequency band is set independently with knobs for controlling level, Q and frequency with a little stack of LEDs indicating what’s going on. The bands include Low Shelf, 3 Mid-Range Peaking Bands and High-Shelf.

There are 9 user-presets (or 18 in dual mono) so you can store your settings. WMD suggests that buying 4 SCLPL modules is a good way towards building a whole Eurorack mix processor. Presets can also be morphed between for some additional interest and sonic possibility. There’s also band soloing and a bypass switch.

SCLPL is a different sort of utility module focusing on improving the Eurorack sound in a very elegant 4HP solution. It should be available in the summer for $249.

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