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Synchro Arts VocALign Project 3 Stand-alone

Synchro Arts VocALign Project 3 Stand-alone  ·  Source:

If you haven’t come across this plugin yet, then check out the videos below. I remember the first time I saw it being demonstrated to me as a jaw-dropping moment. All those long hours spent trying to get multi-layered instruments or voices in time with one another, and then this little plugin walks along and does a better job than you ever will. For music producers and post production engineers working in ADR and dubbing, this has become a secret weapon in their arsenal of tricks. The VocALign Project 3.3 update has just been released, but most significantly Syncro Arts have committed to cutting the cost by half, permanently.

VocALign Project 3

VocALign has been around for while, somehow remaining relatively unknown compared to other plugins despite it’s unique abilities. There isn’t any other plugin or DAW tool that performs in quite the same manner as this neat little tool. Even from its early days, it has been used for ADR on films such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and in music production for Shania Twain, Steely Dan and the Black Eyed Peas.

Version 3.3 has just been released, and although it doesn’t appear to have any significant new features, it does come with a cheaper price tag. With all the same functionality, the prices have been halved resulting in a new license of VocALign Project 3 now costing 99 GBP. What’s more, if you don’t have an iLok or are trying to move away from the USB license method, the new version also permits computer-based authorisation.

Jeff Bloom, Managing Director of Synchro Arts, is reported to have said, “For many years, we’ve been asked to make VocALign accessible to a much wider range of audio producers and editors. This new release, VocALign Project 3.3, is our response to these requests. We’ve lowered the price – yet still provide the same power and operations, and added simpler computer-based licensing.” One could argue that the original price was simply too expensive, and I think it was for today’s market. I also believe they can account for the cheaper price of Project 3 due to their other in-depth products they now offer. I hope Synchro Arts sell many copies of this powerful and time saving tool, that typically delivers a better result than is manually possible.

Will we see other manufacturers slashing the prices of plugins? To be honest, I think we already have. What makes this so significant is the huge reduction without any amendments to the product’s features, or alternative versions. Maybe this is a sign of a new product on it’s way from Synchro Arts, let’s watch this space.

More Information

Visit the VocALign Project 3 webpage to find out more and download a free trial if you haven’t used it before. For any existing users of older versions or VocALign Project LE, upgrades can be bought at reduced rates in Synchro Arts’ store.  VocALign will run in most DAW’s as an Audio Suite, AAX, AU or VST3 plugin, as well as a stand-alone version.


For those that aren’t aware of VocALign yet, check out these two videos. They demonstrate the two main uses of VocALign, but just about any 2 similar audio files can be synced in the same way. Firstly, here’s Russ from Pro Tools Expert, demonstrating the plugin with a 3 part vocal harmony:

Secondly, here is VocALign used in an ADR sense, demonstrated by Chad Johnson:

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