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ALM Busycircuits modules

ALM Busycircuits modules  ·  Source: ALM Busycircuits

We saw the ALM Busycircuits rack before they left for the show and were puzzling over what the modules could be. Well, now we know. They have a prototype sampler, a digital wavetable oscillator, a 5-stage envelope, an LFO and a step sequencer – cool!

The Sampler

As yet unnamed it has 8 channels of playback and sampling. Writing to a USB stick but with onboard RAM for low latency playback. All the usual sample type controls are there, pitch, reverse, bit rate/depth, looping, and you can get 8 things going at once. It’s designed to be very patchable and very quick to use sampling directly through the front panel. It’s all triggerable and can find its own start and end points so you can immediately start playing with the sound. It can be patched up as a tape loop with continuous sampling.

ALM Sampler

ALM Sampler


6hp digital wavetable oscillator with classic waveforms and more interesting ones built in. Two other outputs give you a pulse width modulation output based on the Roland Alpha Juno, and a sub oscillator with sync.



Quaid Megaslope

5-stage envelope, LFO and step sequencer. Each stage has control over level, slope and time. You can control the loop point and where it sustains. Two outputs and then end of stage and end of cycle trigger outputs.

ALM Quaid Megaslope

ALM Quaid Megaslope


Finishing it off is the 2HP headphone output module. It has two inputs and a volume knob.

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